Joel Forman

I grew up in Gympie, Queensland. I spent most of my life as a drummer in a punk band surrounded by creatives that where as rebellious as they where gifted. It was the perfect incubator looking back on it. My parents owned a hair salon, so I spent most of my life surrounded by hair; subconsciously absorbing it's foundation. I worked the family business, and gigged around the country. When music started to get serious and record labels and tours were involved, I started creative directing music clips for my band, and prepared to tour the globe. Simultaneously my hair career started to turbo charge too when I met some like minded people who were at the top of the fashion food chain. I never noticed how much I was interested in fashion until I realised that fashion was interested in culture. I'm obsessed with culture. I translate this into my work, both on a fashion set or behind a chair. I love observing how people communicate who they are with how they appear. This approach to hair gives me an edge, I think music taught me how to listen to culture, (and people too) and hair gave me a means to communicate it visually through creating an identity.

I now split my time between clientele, fashion editorial, and testing my neighbours nerves a little as all drummer do.