My approach to hair is comprehensive and extremely detailed. Below outlines the services that I provide, and what distinguishes them.



Beginning with comprehensive consultation. I assess cultural trends, personal preferences, hair texture, and lifestyle. I go beyond just focusing on what a haircut looks like and focus on what it says. This service includes hair styled using superior styling equipment, products and advanced freelance editorial and advertising skills. The result is a haircut that is bespoke and truly individualised.



Successful colouring is the result of 3 key elements, communication, technical skill and cultural observation. Its an art in itself to play the long game and still acheive short term results. There are millions of different possibilities, but only a handful of ones that transform you. My aim here is to go beyond the technical confines of standardised hair colouring and begin with the finished look in mind before i determine the approach. Bottom line, amazing colour is about understanding the individual and the composition of the hair and adapting the techniques to the person.



To create looks that are culturally relevant yet bespoke requires 3 elements- High fashion backstage experience, Personal taste and state of the art equipment that's specifically designed to finish hair. Creating hair that always looks effortless requires a total knowledge of hair behaviour.  It's this approach that makes my work contemporary.